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Here you will find all information about our projects and how you can support and accompany us on our way.

Our Projects

Over the years we have started several projects. From a tech blog to a tech conference to several podcasts and a vlog.

MVP Taxi
Drago Petrovic und Stoyan Chalakov betreiben unter anderem ein Projekt namens MVP Taxi.

We meet with Microsoft MVP's from all over the world and talk about various topics.

Drago Petrovic
Stoyan Chalakov

Office with modern devices and digital datas on hologram screens 3D rendering

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Our Team Squad


How can a cooperation be established? We offer various forms for this. These are listed below. 

Banner advertising

As on other sites, it is classically possible to place banners on the various websites. These are controlled and placed manually. Google Ads and automated advertising is not possible with us.

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For our podcasts we offer the option to be mentioned as presenter in the opener of each episode.

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Conference Sponsorship

With our Cloud8 Summit, we hold a virtual conference once or twice a year. There are different ways of working together.

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Depending on the topic, we also offer product reviews on the MSB365 website. This is the case if the products are related to our topics.

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VLOG inserter

If our MVP taxi rides are replayed as a VLOG, your company logo can be displayed in the feed. 

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Guest Article Writing

Would you like a professional article on your blog or for your company? We would be happy to write it for you.

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