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We have high standards for ourselves and try to offer a high quality service to our readers. 

We are also very focused on ensuring that all content on our websites and projects is relevant to our respective themes.

This principle applies not only to content such as text, video or audio, but also to any partnerships for advertising, product reviews or similar.

For this reason, we do not use Google Ads or similar services on any of our websites. Every banner, request for product reviews, conference sponsoring, etc. will be manually checked by us and approved accordingly.

We reserve the right to refuse any request that does not comply with our guidelines at any time.

Service description on project level:

MSB365 - Blog

The MSB365 Blog is a blog website focusing on Microsoft 365 Services, PowerShell and so on.

This site covers topics around Microsoft Teams, Exchange, Active Directory and other M365 topics. It is about automations, descriptions of solutions to known problems, information about Microsoft and their products.

New services and products from Microsoft are also described and explained on this page.

As a further point, we describe solutions and products from third party manufacturers which, in our view, could be an enrichment for our readers.

MSB365 - Podcast

We currently run three podcast series. These are divided into "Easy Tuesday Talk", "Experts Live India" and "MVP Taxi - The Talk".

Here, too, the principle applies that we are only interested in cooperating with partners who offer their products in the subject areas of our orientation.

As an example, the "Easy Tuesday Talk" is talking about the current developments and challenges in the area of Microsoft 365. We invite various guests and talk about our experiences.

In addition to the classic banner advertising, a cooperation in this area also goes in the direction that a partner can present a corresponding podcast.

This means that the partner is mentioned in the intro before each episode.

Depending on the podcast series, there are more or fewer recordings per year. Basically, however, there should be at least one recording in the categories "Experts Live India" and "Easy Tuesday talk" per month. 

In the case of the MVP Taxi, it depends on the physical events, when and how often they are held. Of course, this also depends on the global pandemic situation. 

More information on the MVP Taxi will follow in the dedicated category.

Cloud8 Summit

The Cloud8 Summit has already been held several times. There have been different variations. The largest event had 33 sessions.

In the future, this summit will be planned and held with two tracks. Currently still virtual.

The option for a physical event is still open.

Partners who are interested in a cooperation for our Cloud8 Summit have various possibilities.

Currently, we only offer packages that are designed for a virtual Summit.

For the Cloud8 Summit, we are also interested in working with partners who are active in the areas of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

In addition to partners who offer products in this area, we are also open to cooperation with potential partners in the area of consulting and IT services.

In addition to the possibility of placing logos in the decks of all speakers and on the website, it is also possible to book sessions as speakers.

It is also possible to make a request for a keynote session. This must be discussed in detail before it can be definitively booked.

In principle, the focus of the speakers is on their award category. Preferably, but not obligatory, our regular speakers are Microsoft MVP's, Microsoft Regional Directors or Microsoft employees.

MVP Taxi

The MVP Taxi is a VLOG we created. Drago and Stoyan interview various Microsoft MVPs and regional directors from all over the world in the car. They discuss various topics from the Microsoft world.

The MVP Taxi takes place in parallel to major global and physical events. The MVP community usually meets at these events and so these video recordings can be made.

Another dependency is the pandemic situation in the respective countries.

These two factors have a great influence on the frequency of recordings.

With the MVP Taxi, our partners have the option of having 10-second logos inserted once or several times in the footer of a recording.

On average, a trip with the MVP Taxi takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

There is a maximum of 8 slots per recording.

As with all our projects, we are only interested in working with partners who bring added value for our visitors.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

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